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In the interest of planning WAY ahead. I  am wondering the opinion of my pool brothers and sisters. I have seen some pros and cons to both but I am curious to hear from those who have lived the life of hiring. Is it better to hire employees or contractors for pool service and maintenance and why?

If it matters I live in the great state of Texas

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    I have direct experience with this. This is not just a matter where you decide which one you want to choose. It depends on how much control you have over the workers and how they do their jobs. The Supreme Court set up a 20 point guideline that goes over all the factors distinguishing an employee from an independent contractor.

    A lot of employers think they can sidestep the law and not have to do all the paperwork associated with dealing with employees like taxes, withholding, , insurance, workmen's comp, etc....especially now with Obamacare. The company I worked for,  I used their truck. had to drive to their warehouse....used their chemicals...had to wear their the pools on their schedule, etc. Well the owner fired me one day for no cause. (The real reason was he just got his driver's license back from a vehicular homicide charge). So I filed for unemployment based on the amount of control they exerted over how I was suppose to do my job. The Georgia Department of Labor sided with me....granted me unemployment benefits and filed a cease and desist order with him to stop using "independent contractor status" for his workers.

   So be real careful because federal and state governments are watching this real close. You know how government works...sort of like the Mafia. They're going to get their "taste" of everything.


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