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I am looking for a combination chech valve and flow meter. I have seen called "Flow Viz". Where can I buy one? 

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I have seen that too. It looks good. My local Superior has them listed in their system and can order them, but doesn't stock them.

Made by company called h2flow. There website is Tele- 888-635-0296

I just bought one at PEP today.

Hi Rob,

This is Paul Hackett of H2flow Controls. We are the manufacturer of the FlowVis and would be happy to take care of your needs direct. I apologize for not responding to your message sooner, I'm afraid that I don't log in as frequently as I need to.

Please contact me at





To learn more about FlowVis™ please visit the FlowVis™ product page on our website at:

This page has links to various literature and an informational video.

The FlowVis, looks like a handy tool, especially for people trying to fully utilise energy efficient variable speed pumps who need accurate flow info to set the pump run times.

I can see the clever use of the Jandy and Praher existing bodies for retro fitting. In a new installation that still results in necking down the pipe flow as it moves through the FlowVis, I see it only results in a 1 PSI rise but that is using a big pump so it's very little but on a well set up system of 3-4 PSI that's a 25% increase in system pressure or more importantly reduced flow.

Your FlowVis is ideal for the energy efficient (green) market, any plans to make a base that doesn't neck down the flow so actually helps with the energy reduction?

I shall buy one of these but it most likely will be fitted, calibration of my pump made and then removed and I will use the same on my customers pools so sales won't necessarily increase by more than 1 here.

Sorry for the delay in responding here.

I have add a post to my site to make it easy for you to buy, if you would like just click below:

Where to buy the FlowVis

If you want quantities, email or message me.

Also I have the video uploaded to my site:

FlowVis Video and info

We LOVE the FlowVis. It's indispensable when installing variable speed pumps, especially when pool heating (electric or solar) needs to be optimized.

Jason Szumlanski

Why do you love it? I love my my ultrasonic flow meter as that adds ZERO head and with a properly designed system you don't need a non return valve. I calibrate the variable speed pumps for my customers and hand them a print out to keep. Far more efficient hydraulically. Flow Viz is just another bit of greenwash.

I have never seen an ultrasonic flow meter. Who and how much?


Rob I can't say as I am in the UK but most things seem cheaper in the US so I suggest you google it.


Sorry, but you don't know what you are talking about. A properly designed solar pool heating system does require a check valve to prevent back-flushing the filter into the pool. The FlowVis adds ZERO additional head to the system as a result. The meter is integral with the required check valve. The check valves add virtually no consequential head to the system anyway.

I love it because it is integral with a part we need to install anyway, and it is accurate and steady, unlike flow meters with floats that bounce around in a column of water.


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