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What is the best method for sizing catch basins on infinity edge spas and pools?

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The best method is to take the Genesis 3 Course on Hydraulics.  There are a lot of things to take into account on these pools.  This course will give you the proper tools to properly size the basin, plumbing, pump, surge tank. etc.  Well worth the money, even came with a program that when you enter the data it tells you exactly what you need to know.

Bigger is better...


I agree the G3 course is invaluable for this.


Lots of things to consider: average rainfall, anticipated bather load, square footage of the pool, average evaporation expected, type of activity in pool/spa (retired couple sitting peacefully in a spa or 11 year olds having a cannonball competition)...

There is a formula to calculate the catch basin size. Things to consider is what has been mentioned on the last 2 posts.

There are many factors and you can't just "wing" it.

As David said, bigger is better. With that in mind, it may provide a bonus private "dipping" pool for your client too!

I am a Swimquip guy. The old tech manual listed out a way to calculate a balance tank for a commercial gutter pool. This looks like the same thing.


That would be a good starting point... a VE pool is essentially a gutter pool with only 1 side spilling rather than all 4 sides...


Make sure that you consider things like evaporation from the VE basin, potential splash out from the basin, minimum operating level, sizing the plumbing (and pump) so that it can recover the water lost in the pool in a short enough time. 


A surge tank is fully enclosed, while a VE basin is open to the elements.  Pool Engineering used to have something on their website that went into some of the details, and methods used to properly size the basin, check there to see if they still have it up (I haven't looked in about 4 or 5 years...) 


Rob Lane said:

I am a Swimquip guy. The old tech manual listed out a way to calculate a balance tank for a commercial gutter pool. This looks like the same thing.




1 gallon for every square foot of surface are of the pool should do it...Thats the way we size surge tanks for commercial pools with gutter systems; for rain - simply add an overflow drain to your catch basin.


Thanks for the help. As it turns out, I did not get the job. It was a 5' x 10' spa that was raised about 4' over the 5' x 2' x 1.5' deep basin. The vanishing edge is on the 5' end. The lower basin has a dedicated pump and filter. The spa main equipment is a  VS pump, cartridge filter, and 400 btu gas heater. The job is done. When on spa, the main equipment sucks and returns to the upper tank. When on overflow, the main equipment sucks from the lower basin and returns to the upper spa. It seems that over time, other solutions may work better.  The builder tells me that he typically keeps the two (high and low) skimmers in the off position.  Any thoughts? I don't plan on changing anything until requested and I won't bust the builder.

Rob Lane

While we are the edge subject what is the best way to keep the basin floor clean and the water sanitized?

The Catch Basin on an Infinity Edge Pool.

I make it big enought to hold about 2 inches of the surface of the pool to allow for the water loss due to splashing if the pool is just used without the weir running, If you are limited to the area install a retention tank as well, recently I built a 4 sided Infinity Edge pool one pour and spray 64 cub meters of concrete, the edge was a totally separate system as well as a different filter and treatment unit, Lovely pool visit my webstie

However my greatest concern with this type of pool is the rik of a child being tipped ove the edge from say a Air Bed, something you may never have considered.

Yes they can look nice but are great water and heat losers I prefer a plain Swimming Pool.

Kiwi Norman

@ Kiwi Norman, Very cool concept.


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