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Who is the most innovative, progressive, forward thinking manufacturer you know?

I would like to contact and interview the 5 most innovative manufacturers in the industry.

Who do you think they are?

I would love to hear your thoughts on this. Comment below. Thx!

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I'd like to recommend a new company to the pool lighting world called Splash Lights - a swimming pool lighting company who has brought an innovative new light to the pool lighting market called 'dekko' A bulb is changed in as little as 3 minutes from the safety of the pool deck - never any need to get wet or call out the pool guy, it can be changed or upgraded in as little as 3 minutes, it came 3rd in the new product showcase at this years Orlando Pool & Spa show.
Hi Rex,

Please excuse this plug for our manufacturing company, but I think you would like to know about how innovative and forward thinking our company, Wailani Natural Pure Water Systems, is.

For more that 30 years we have been at the forefront of environmentally conscious pool systems. We started back then with an energy saving two speed motor controller and an ionization unit. Since then we have continually updated our systems and in the 90’s we were one of the first if not the first to install a combination system of an ionization unit with an ozone machine. We have had great success with this combination and even had a write up about it in the New York Times (May 29,2008).

Since then we have also had great success with combining UV and ionization.

Our most current innovative product is our water level controller the Infinifill® series. We have addressed many of the problems that our competors have which are due to poor engineering or inferior parts. We developed a new technology for our sensors which are never affected by chemicals or water residue because we do not use metal in them. Our systems are easily installed during construction or after, simply by running the sensor cord though an expansion joint, pipe, or a fill line.

Due to the popular new design of infinite edge and perimeter edge pools our Infinifill® IV is getting the most attention. This unit was specifically designed to accommodate these types of pools. The Infinifill® IV is designed to maintain the perfect level of water at all times even after heavy bather load or severe weather. The water level control is capable of adding, removing water and turning on the pumps to establish the edge again.
As far as I know, this is unique feature not offered by any of our competitiors in the industry.

We have started attending some IPPSA meetings in Southern California to present our Infinifill® series and have gotten a very positive response.

Denice Ignacio
Started to see some of these names in the UK
Hi Rex,

I know this discussion was posted last year, but I just joined the network, so I apologize for the delay. I agree with some of the other members replies...that this is a great discussion.
I joined the group for just that reason to network with other pool professionals and to get an edge on new innovative products within our industry.
The company that I work for ecoFINISH...has developed a product that I believe covers alot of questions that you posted. It is not my intention to use this forum as a shameless plug,so, I would let the other members visit our website and they can judge for themselves.

Website address;

I look forward to further discussions and being a member of the network.

Have you looked at    MagnaPool. 

Australian design (Poolright) and now process patented in 120 countries


Magnesium 'Mineral water' Pools


We have been installing them here in Australia for 2 years and they are top  class units. Still produce chlorine but at a vastly reduced rate .... but the clarity of the water and the feel of the 'swim' is like nothing I have ever felt.  Also installed in Asia, British Virgin Islands, Mauritius and Europe.  Top class for my vote. 

Oceanside Glasstile is constantly innovating new glass mosaic and tile options, and continues to develop new products specifically to support the swimming pool industry.  By introducing new options for the visible waterline of a pool, a host of new design opportunities are available to discerning homeowners who are looking for a unique backyard oasis.

If we are talking tile... LightStreams is truly like nothing else in the world!


Also BeadCrete has an amazingly spectacular alternative to PebbleTec.

Nexxus lighting,  great product.  But in my opinion their customer service is lacking.
One of the big guys has to be looking at them.  

I agree with Dave.  Light streams is great.  High quality tile and installation standards.  

Most of all.......Customer service !  

I can name some high profile companys with terrible customer service.  That is what drives me to certain products.          

Great examples below, Clint. I concur on pooltools as well. They are willing to manufacture a tool even if there is a small need. I told them about an idea I wished they would make at the Western Pool And Spa Show one year. It was an idea for a tool with a cam like a telepole that would fit into a stuck diverter valve to free it up. Not much of a market for it exists, but lo and behold, it was there for sale at the following year's show. Good company.

Brian Brennan

Carlsbad, CA

Clint Combs said:

Innovation seems to be rare and is not associated with any single company.

StaRite was innovative when they designed the Max-E-Therm from the ground up while the other heater manufacturers were adding fans and monkeying with existing designs. It was so innovative that Pentair reportedly purchased the company so they could sell the heater as their own.

Pentair was innovative a few years later in designing the Intelliflow. The other companies are still struggling to catch up.

Jandy was innovative when they first created the Aqualink control system years ago.

Balboa's M7 technology spa packs are innovative in differential temperature sensors and off peak switching.

Both Hayward and Pentair have innovative LED lights -- a big improvement over halogen color pool lights

Allen Industries' Tight Watt 2 doesn't use higher technology than other timer manufacturers, but their design shows a good understanding of the real world. (They make a pool timer that adjusts with the season.)

It is a small design tweek, but Hayward's DE filter has innovative "legs" that let the manifold stand up while the grids are assembled.

Jandy's sweep plumbing is innovative, but not very practical in real world installations.

There have been many innovations regarding VGB, but it may be too early to see which ones are the real gems.

It would be interesting to interview the engineers who were responsible for these innovations. In this climate of mega companies purchasing smaller innovative companies I wonder what the real story of innovation has been and what the future of innovation will be.


If the stuck diverter still has a directional tab on it, I use a PVC pipe with a notch cut out for the tab. This pipe gives you an extension so that you can turn the diverter and break it loose.

Good tip, Clint!

I've used a sink basin wrench with pretty good success. If it's really stuck, it just compresses the plastic diverter though. By the way, these extremely stuck valves are usually on pools where the homeowner is caring for the pool. I started service on one pool where the kid used to do the pool and they hired me because the kid could no longer keep it clean and algae free. It had a brass diverter in a concrete skimmer. The valve was stuck in about an 80% main drain, 20% skimmer position. It must have slowly turned each time he pulled off the hose or something and sand and corrosion eventually caused it to get stuck. That's the one where I figured out the basin wrench. Even then, I could only move it about a quarter inch a week using all my force on the wrench. Once I freed the valve, cleaned the filter, and replaced the weir, the pool stayed very clean and was easy to vacuum. They cancelled service about two month's later; said the kid was going to start cleaning it again! Oh, well. At least I made money on the filter teardown, weir blade, 50 Lb. bucket of tabs and Yellow Treat! Another good reason to not do a flat rate, chemicals and teardowns included monthly rate for weekly pool service!


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