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One of my customers has a pool that may be a Foxx pool. It is an oval, rounded ends and straight sides. It's plastic coping pushes down from the top over the top of a wall that is about 3/8" thick. The old coping is junk and the liner needs to be replaced.


The liner track that was part of the coping wore out and has been replaced by vertical wall mount track.

I would like to replace the plastic coping and the separate track with a new coping/track combination. The end radi are between 7' & 8'. There is no horizontal shelf to screw normal aluminum coping down.

Any ideas?

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SCP has an aluminum "F" track that should mount under the original foxx couping by self tapping screws. make sure the screws are recessed. the screws should be 6" apart. we have done 2 pools like that this season.


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