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 I'm from deep south Texas and have a few customers looking for an alternative to the common Brand of chlorine generator pushed in this area. Any type of feedback would be appreciated. Looking for specific info on Circupool and EcoMatic


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Big fan (as much of a fan I can be of salt systems!) of the SGS systems (  They have a much bigger spacing between the grid plates (they even provide a paint stir stick to clean them!) and are not wired in series like the others (so they continue to work on the grids that are not calcified by the wonderful water we have in the south!).  They are made in Arizona to withstand their high calcium water and high heat.


I know that is not the brand you are asking about, but it is worth a mention.  I have had three different salt systems on my pool here in San Diego and they are all gone (removed).  Our water is just too hard for them to work consistently, and I got tired of cleaning them often.  I happen to know that your water is hard like ours, and do think that the SGS will run longer before cleanings for your customers than any other brand I am aware of.


Good luck!



SGS Systems are great! One of my favorites! Except I'm not a huge fan of salt systems anymore haha

Thanks for the info Bruce...ill definitely check them out....want to give the customer the best option....and the info on the water hardness is spot on...

Bruce is spot on with the SGS system as installers in my market have been happy with the support, the installation, and the cost.  Breeze 320 for 20,000 gallons and Breeze 540 for 40,000 gallons.


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