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A meeting place to exchange sales advice and tips to increase sales.

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Prepare your Prospect to Buy-the effective use of Trial Closes

In advance of closing any sale and overcoming objections, you need to check your prospect’s buying temperature before you ask for the sale. If you ask at the wrong time, you risk losing the sale.


Trial Closes are questions that elicit your prospects’ opinion well in advance of asking for the sale


It isn’t enough to just prepare yourself to ask for the sale; you have to prepare your prospect as well. So how does one do that? By using Trial Closes. A closing question asks for a final decision, while a trial closing question is one that asks the prospect for an opinion, the answer to which indicates their readiness to buy. This is also known as 'taking the prospect’s temperature.' If your prospect isn’t hot enough to buy, don’t ask him to buy - it’s as simple as that. You need to move your prospect into a receptive mind set so that when finally asked to purchase, they do.


Trial Closes are non-threatening questions that ask for your prospect's opinion and feelings about what you have presented. Typical trial closing questions can build in their directness, as these examples illustrate:


 “How would you feel about owning a floor model and saving some money?”

 “Which of the features do you envision on your hot tub, why?”

 “How do you feel a spa would soothe your aches and pains?”

 “How do you feel about our foot dome?

 “How would this make you feel after a long day of standing?”

 “What would your family feel if this was their new spa?”

 “Which are your favourite options? Why?”

 “How would you feel if we could deliver your new spa for the weekend?”


While my area of expertise is sales training in the pool and hot tub industry, the Trial Closing techniques are the same whether you are selling hot tubs or helicopters.


Your objective is to get your prospects’ feelings, opinions and feedback, from the time you meet them until you feel it is the right time to close the sale. In the absence of trial closing questions, how do you know when it is the right time to close the sale?


After reading this chapter, you will understand that closing the sale, following great trial closing questions, is much easier and far more likely to result in a sale. The likelihood of your prospect saying yes when you have finally asked for the sale is far more likely to occur if they have had favorable responses to your trial closes throughout your presentation. Master asking trial closes and your closing ratios will improve substantially.


Trial closes often start with words like how, what, who and would.


 “How does it sound so far?”

 “What do you like the most of what you have heard?”

 “How does this compare to what you’re looking for?”

 “What do you think?”

 “How close do you feel this comes to meeting your needs?”

 “Who do you think would enjoy the spa the most often? Why?”

 “Would this work for you and your family?”


Any question that starts with, “In your opinion…” is a trial close.


“In your opinion, Mr. Prospect, how do you feel this model would suit your family?” is a great trial close.


A positive response to any of these trial closes is usually a sign that you should ask for the order. The key is to have one or two trial closes committed to memory and ready to use. Through the effective use of Trial Closes, you will learn if you are getting closer to closing the sale or moving in the wrong direction.


How do you feel about using Trial Closes now they have been explained?

Yes, that WAS a trial close. Did it work?


Please visit my website to receive a copy of my free eBook on 'Overcoming Objections'.



Marco Longley

Sophisticated Selling Strategies...Simplified


Author of ‘The Ultimate Hot Tub and Pool $ales Book’

Discover how to double your sales in 7 days


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Comment by Marco Longley on September 30, 2011 at 11:00am

Thank you Scott,

I really apreciate you taking the time to comment. Have you entered the draw to win one of my training programs yet?





Comment by Scott Tarr on September 25, 2011 at 8:12am
Fantastic stuff!!!
Comment by Rex Richard on August 3, 2011 at 10:24am
Thanks for starting this group Marco!  Improving sales is an issue we can all benefit from!
Comment by Rex Richard on August 3, 2011 at 10:22am

One possible of several responses:

"I can appreciate that and understand how you feel... after all it is a substantial investment in your home and family...  in fact I have felt this way many times myself when considering an lifestyle improvement decision such as this.. and what I have found is that when I have a trust in the competency of the person I'm dealing with, and believe in the conclusions we have developed together,  that moving forward has always provided rewards to my family and my own enjoyment that I have never regretted.  With that in mind it seems there are really only two issues at hand and I would appreciate your help.  I feel good about what we have accomplished so far and either I have failed to treat you in such a way that you believe we have established a mutual trust... or my perception that the decisions we have developed together are not to your total satisfaction.  Would you be willing to share your thoughts with me on this?    

Any conversation following provides the opportunity to uncover the real objection.


There are only 5 classes of objections: No time, no need, no hurry, no confidence, no money.   The one most stated relates to price, the one most felt internally is no confidence.   You need to treat people as humans with needs... care for and about them from your heart... do what you say you will do....  When the confidence is there, the sales follow.  IMO  : )


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