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As a result of an extremely bad experience with a Hospital Emergency Room and being, what i can described, denied treatment for a possible blood clot. For more info on this go to You can also look at a comparison letter to the hospital that did treat me at

As a result i put this information out on Twitter. If you are not familiar with Twitter you need to be. Go to Twitter is much like MySpace and Facebook except it is just little twits about your life. In my opinion it has the power to destroy your brand (reputation) in a relatively short time. On Twitter you have friends and they have friends and they have friends and so on. I put my letter to the hospital, that denied me treatment, up on my web site,, and put a link to it in one of my twits. Within hours the traffic through my web site saw over a 1000 visitors and after four days i can say some 2200 people have read that letter. Because of this i put up a letter about the hospital that did treat me, it was the same hospital that i had my hip replaced at. The hospital that did not treat me had picked up this letter and was one of my followers within 20 minutes of me putting it out on Twitter. After some research i found they picked this up on a service called Splitweet []. This service allows you to set up brand statements and it notifies you when it is mentioned in any twits on twitter. As a result i have setup Leisure Pools to be monitered for me.

Can you imagine this. Just like a bomb and its pressure ridge leaving the blast zone bad experiences, lies, and miss information can move at a very fast pace and there will be virtually no way to stop it. All is left is to mittigate the damage. MySpace, Facebook, Angies List, Craigs List, BBB, and others should give you concern but not as much as Twitter. Certainly the previous ones can be monitered and something can be done but i cannot see anyway to stop Twitter.

The interent, from its inception, is a free for all environment and it is based solely on your constitutional right to freedom of speech. Since this is the whole basis of the Internet courts are reluctant to go down the road to set precedent of law. There are millions of lawyers out there praying every night, day, and every second that the courts would change their attitude since the amount of slander litigation would be enormous.

What do you think? Any suggestions out there that i have not explore?

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As with all communication there are opportunities and challenges. Enter life without fear, do the right thing, and connect to as many as possible. Social media has the incredible power to rapidly connect to literally millions.

Use it effectively and you will benefit.

There is a saying, a ship in harbor is safe from the storms, but as long as it is there it serves no purpose. Only when the ship sets sail and braves the storms for which it was designed, can it realize all it's potential.

Don't get stuck in the "safe harbor", go and brave the storms! The reward is great!


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