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What does your company call this on your website navigation?  Seems to be a question that many dealers need to decide on for many other reasons.  Frustrated customers look up "spa" on a search and find that they are calling a "day spa".  Is the spa/hot tub industry fighting a losing battle? 

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Not getting into the proper names as per defined in the APSP manuals....use Hot Tub...this is what the yellow pages has used for decades.
I call a hot tub, something with a manufactured cabinet, it was delivered and set down on a slab, wired, filled, and your done. Though heavy, they are considered portable.

Spas are inground, not delivered, wired and your done. Its a small pool. It has pool pump, not a hot tub pump.

Never heard the term Day Spa before now.

Florida Leisure Pool & Spa
I think what Bill meant was that when a customer looks up "spa" on the internet they get info on "day spas' which are the salon type entities that provide a variety of services like massage/facials etc ... there is inconsistent industry verbage ... "pool & spa industry" but then as Wendy points out "hot-tub" is suggested by the APSP - I always think of a spa as a pool feature and a hot-tub as a stand-alone entity.

Reading Aqua's 'State of the Union' I was struck by a comment made by Norm Coburn/ New England Spas ...
... "I think it's pitiful how few hot tubs we all sell compared to the potential," he says. "Do I think the market will get back to where it was? I do. I've been the eternal optimist about our category of products being more 'household appliance'-like.
I use my hot tub every day and I absolutely love the benefits of it. I have seen tens of thousands of customers come to appreciate the benefits of hot tubs and saunas, and I want them to spread the word. It's something that's affordable, and I don't understand why more people don't have them."
As I understand the history, in California in the 60's people started taking old wine barrels and filling them with water. They would attach a small pump and a heater and call it a hot tub. (These usually had one return instead of several jets.)

About this same time some Italian brothers named Jacuzzi came to the US and started building tubs with larger pumps and more jets and they came to be known as Jacuzzi tubs.

Competitors, however, did not want to allow a category of products be defined by a brand name, so they took promoted the term "spa."

I don't think it really matters what you call these small bodies of hot water as long as the term is meaningful to our customers. Definitions change with usage. Sometimes it isn't helpful to argue that an early definition is the correct one.



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