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VASTEC USA develops innovative coping systems for swimming pool installers. Our main product, Coping For Fiberglass Pools, is easier to use than styrofoam concrete deck forms, costs less than coping stones or bricks, and is more structurally sound than exposed fiberglass coping. We also addressed the issue of out-of-level pools by incorporating a shimming capability into the coping. This allows the installer to level the coping and adjust for any irregular or off-level pools, giving the finished project a nicer, more consistent and professional appearance. There are no styrofoam cantilever deck forms to remove so there is no need to get into the pool in cold weather. Installation takes 2 workers about 2 hours and requires no special training. Only a few basic tools are needed and the complete coping kit is easily transported to the job site. 2-3 day shipping is free in the US and Canada and overnight shipping is available. Call 888-282-7832 for more info.
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