Fix The APSP

I want to fix the APSP!  Will you help?

My friend Steve Gorlin, is the APSP chairman elect and enters office soon.  There is also the upcoming change of the APSP's CEO with the exit of Bill Weber in 18 months.  These combined events create the best opportunity for real change in the APSP since the transition from the NSPI.

The APSP has done a LOT of good, and the industry needs a strong trade association.  Without a central voice, we will be subject to significant challenges which we will not be prepared to handle... the "behind the scenes" stuff that they do to keep you in business.

They hold incredible intellectual property and have the connections to make this really work... if they have the will.

I have ben among their greatest critics, but I would stand with them completely if I felt there was a chance to really fix this organization.  And I need your help!

Please reply to this post and in the comments area list everything you dislike about the APSP, their product, their service, whatever.

I believe Steve is serious, and he needs to know the challenges ahead, then use these as a basis to shape a new vision, a new APSP.

Steve has my full confidence and support in this.  Please help by commenting below.

Thank you!

Rex Richard, Founder

Pool Genius Network

PS. This post was not requested or approved by the APSP.  The opinions contained in the post a solely the opinions of the author.  And the author sincerely would like to see the industry do better.


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  • I've noticed that other trade associations such as the one for playgrounds has an educational structure much like APSP with training for technitions and installers.

    the difference is that they offer training for certified inspectors. When a project goes out for bid the engineers and municipalities stipulate that you have to be a certified installer to even bid on the project. The trade organization has great clout with the consumer and engineering community. Specifying the qualifications of the installer and designer is a great way to assure that the municipality is getting what they pay for and one of the main focuses of the contractor is safety for the patrons. Right now to bid on a municipal pool or sprayground project the engineers are not specifying any formal type of training and they're using guidelines that are 50 yrs old. No concrete , plumbing, plaster, filtration, education required. Just low bid...If getting the engineers to specify trained personel to do the work isn't possible maybe they could at least specify that a trained proffessional needs to inspect the installation once complete. I see so much work that is completed on another contract , when I am contacted to prepair a budget for other work in the facility , that is sub par at best and just wrong. Missing hangers,pipe supports, you name it. These are places of the highest education in the land and nobody is checking the work. All the other trades are inspected or installed by certified technitions and that work looks nice and neat. The mechanichal system and pool work...forgetaboutit.; In defense I also see alot of work that is done properly but it's the ones that you see that turn your stomach that you remember. As a bonus I get to feel like as a tax payer I am getting screwed.

    Educating the engineering community on the benefits of using APSP trained personel might be a direction to look into.

  • How come the APSP isn't involved with sponsoring or actively promoting the USA Swimming Olympic finals? I see HP, BP, other names are there on the wall for recognition. This is a perfect opportunity to promote the sport, the therapy, the fun, the lifestyle, the industry that these athletes are in. Did any of you watch the finals? Holy smokes, these guys are on fire and the media is riding the HYPE wave. These guys are all over Facebook, National and Local (we got one (Ryan Lochte) in there from Gainesville, FL)  Wheres the APSP or anyone for that matter? The pool builder got some national recognition, but not the industry's leading association?


    Florida Leisure Pool & Spa

  • Thanks Scott!  I just read your blog post and it contains some great information.  I would recommend others interested in providing insight to the APSP to read Scot's post in the link below.

  • John Caden, past board member of the APSP, have a very meaningful comment.

  • didnt know there was local chapters. is there on up here in mass?

  • I agree very strongly with Gary Crayton III. The APSP needs to stop putting their money into worthless consumer research and start putting that money into MARKETING!!! We already know who the demographics of our target market. Every major pool and spa company has already done that research. Just ask them.

    I dare you to ask any pool or spa owner if they've ever heard of the APSP. Trust me, they haven't. And why? Because of the severe lack of awareness. So, if you're a pool builder or retailer, it doesn't matter that you're a member, the average consumer doesn't care. This is a problem.

    I also think the marketing efforts need to be "new school." Not your grandfather's method of broadcast advertising, including:

    • TV commercials
    • Radio Ads
    • Magazine Ads

    Let's not bombard the consumer with intrusive advertising. The battle needs to be fought in the social realm. Marketing and advertising has made a big shift in the past 5 years with the uprising of social media. It's not about broadcasting our message, it's about engaging our current and future customers.

    The APSP needs to step up and get the word out about our industry. I would love to help in anyway I can.

  • Hi Ken, the 2 spd. issue would be a good one to take to a forum discusion.  There are a lot of builders and service companies using these successfully and they may have tips for improving performance or sizing.  

    I know from my own experience, we used 2spd or variable speed on every pool built since 1983 (approx 5000 pools), with 85% of those pools having infloor systems and about 50% having spas with heaters.  We saw between 45-50 gpm on low speed on a 2 hp Whisperflow using large cartridge filters and 2.5 inch or large plumbing, and we were happy with the results.  Thanks for the comment!  

  • Before writing my comment, I read all the previous suggestions to date, and I am going to reference a few of them, because there are some great points here!

    As a manufacturer, we have been APSP members for quite a few years now, and plan to continue. However, I will be completely honest when I say that the biggest benefit for us is the discount we get as a member who exhibits at the Atlantic City show. Considering the potential the APSP has, this is probably not one of the biggest benefits they want manufacturers to talk about. 

    I read a few comments about budgeting and the costs of running the APSP. I know there are a lot of HUGE manufacturers out there that, if they wanted to become a member, would have equally HUGE membership fees to pay. I am sure that, bringing these large companies on board would help with the budgeting issues, but there is not a lot to appeal specifically to this market.

    I love the idea of a "Got Milk" industry type campaign, that has been mentioned. The biggest hurdle to overcome here is obviously that someone will have to pay for it. Perhaps, the APSP can include an extra and optional "Marketing" fee in their membership that will allow them to promote the industry and its benefits (highlighting products from those who ante up for the extra fee). If the program takes off, they will have enough bargaining power to get great deals from all sorts of media outlets, and they can use the fees to cover a host of new marketing staff.

    Obviously the quality of information and resources the APSP creates is paramount, but if nobody knows about / respects them, what good will it really do? This is where creative, powerful and HONEST marketing comes into play.

    Final comment: GOOD LUCK MR. GOLIN, and to the rest of your team!

  • Can this group help reverse the two-speed motor requirement in Arizona? The primary required lower speed (30gpm) does little to nothing for in-floor systems (65gpm) or even heated pools (40gpm). The additional cost for the 2-speed plus the 2-speed time clock (Intelli-Flo has its own timeclock but still more expensive to use) hits us at a very tough time to raise prices.

  • Thanks Scot!  BTW, links fixed!

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