What Do I Do With Google+

Ok... by now you have probably heard of Google+...  If not it's time to get acquainted! 

Link to a video G+ overview I created!


Google+ is a new social network, and in my opinion it is the first of the Social 3.0 networks to arise.  It is WAY more powerful, more flexible and more personally useful than Facebook, and having spent the past 2 weeks getting to know it my vote is in... it's a HUGE winner!


Unlike "Wave" or even "Buzz", (former Google projects), this one is a keeper and is growing faster than any other social network in history... and it is not even "open" to the public yet.  Yes G+ is still in "invitation only" "Beta" mode, yet it is growing like a wildfire.  In just 2 weeks I already have more people in my G+ "Circles" than I have Facebook "Friends" after four years.  UNBELIEVABLE!


Not only that, but just this morning I was in a "hangout" with a Facebook exec. (Sam Lessin) who was also amazed by the new Google technology.  This is a remarkable connection tool!  I highly recommend you get in now!


That said, you will need an invitation, and I am getting about 1500 a day from Google and will be have to invite you if you want to get in.  I have set up a system that will enable me to import your name into the "invitation que" and will add you to the list if you want to check it out.

Click here to add yourself to the invitation list!


If you do please be sure to add me to your "Friends" Circle.  This way we can stay in touch on G+.  There's just too much tech to describe here, but it is cool... like... have a photo on your desktop??, just drag and drop it onto the "post" and it is there ready to share.  Same with videos as well!  COOL!


Unlike Facebook, Google gives you incredible privacy controls AND lets you have access to all the data.  (Facebook locked the data down tighter than the lid on a pickle jar)

Link to a video G+ overview I created!


So check out the video overview and come join me on the new Google+.


See you there!


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  • Great video Rex. I'm still learning my way around Google+, but it is very interactive. I'm certainly looking forward to seeing how it progresses!


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