Free pumps? What is Edison doing?

I have now had 2 customers say they have gotten a FREE pump from Edison.  I don't know what they are installing.  One customer thought it was a 2hp Whisperflo, but was unsure.  She also got a new time clock.  She was supposed to send me a picture, but haven't gotten it yet.

There are some qualifications that you are supposed to meet.  I'm wondering if the time clock is the "big brother type" where Edison can control it and not let it run during peak times. 


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  • California....where our tax dollars are hard at work! :)

    Dan Simmering said:
    Interesting, Havnt heard of anything here, but its still cold in ohio...what state are we talking about?
  • Interesting, Havnt heard of anything here, but its still cold in ohio...what state are we talking about?
  • The fiscal inneptitude continues...

    This state is truly incompetent!

    Is it me, or is there something wrong with a pool owner being qualified as POOR! If your that POOR... DRAIN THE *&$@ POOL and then you don't have to spend more of MY MONEY on subsidised electricity as well.

    Sorry for the rant...
  • If this is "free" to the "income-qualified consumer", you can bet non-income qualified SCE customers along with other California tax payers are paying for this. Isn't CA broke? AAHHH, your tax dollars at work.

    I'd be curious as to who is doing the install. Also how much does each one of these cost SCE, including installation and administration.

    In Texas, they were spending about $75,000 per house to weather seal/insulate each "income qualified" house. About $200,000 for 47 homes ($4,255/home) and the rest, $3.5 Million, to set in place a bureaucracy (administration) to oversee spending of future money.

    See here:
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