Who is the most innovative, progressive, forward thinking manufacturer you know? I would like to contact and interview the 5 most innovative manufacturers in the industry. Who do you think they are? I would love to hear your thoughts on this. Comment below. Thx!

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  • I would like to nominate ITS, Innovators of Water Quality Testing.  

    They have recently developed a Smart Photometer, the exact iDip, that directly has 2 way communication with your smart device (iPhone, iPad etc.).  Also it is the first photometer where the tests can be downloaded by the user right on your phone.  Additionally the algorithms can be updated and new tests can be added by sending a simple update through the app on the phone.  Very forward thinking, re-defining the way testing is done.



    • Very cool!  Love the telemetry! Thanks Lea!

  • When it comes to Swimming Pool Lighting a New Zealander has designed a range of LED Pool Lights all LED and the totally new design features all Sealed Beams and the most important thing of all is the Cable Gland does not enter the Lamp.

    Its so simple it could herald a new way lights are designed that are waterproof. Kiwis and Aussies are very smart with some of there pool products, can be seen on www.poolquartz.co.nz


  • Hi Steve,

    Quite how the unit hypothesis the flow I don't know but you can, as you do with the intelliflow adjust the speed and get a flow reading. This feature may only be available on the bigger model controllers for BlueEco, I will find out.

    Of course 0 head isn't representative but never the less simply circulating water through a pump uses electricity and this used a lot less than the Intelliflow whose stand had a similar unrepresetative display with no filter media.

    Yes I agree 22,000 litres/hour (Not per min, please note) from a 240 watt pump is incredible, so incredible I went and bought the pump! Sadly running around fixing pools the other week I ran out of time but will be fitting the Blue Eco to my system in a week or two and will be happy to report back.

    There are a number of very efficient pumps around, some single speed versions that pump high flow rates in the usable pool range 15000 liters/hour (3300 gph) at a rated 207 watts, 4metres head.

    The average pump (3/4hp) that I fit would use around 600-650 watts by comparison. Are pool pumps that we have got used to basically inefficient old tech? I look far and wide for solutions and much wider than the pool industry which has become stuck in time.

    If I knew how to post the pump curve diagrams I would do so as I welcome the input from others.

    • Update to Steve Wiencek and all,

      New Blue Eco pump installed and using all my tweaks, I am happy to report the pump runs at a maximum of 3200rpm consuming 280watts and pumping a maximum of 22,000 litres/hour.  My system is currently running at around 15,000 litres/hour 2,600 rpm 160 watts and a system pressure of 3psi.

      • Updating this post now I have my ultrasonic flow meter to rely on, the pool has around 1.5 metres head loss when running on recirculate and pumps 15.2m3/hour flat out at 276watts and 3060 rpm. Running on filtration this drops to 10.9m3/hour (2.5metres head loss) 

        I have a multicyclone pre filter in line and despite the manufacturers head loss being stated at  1m this equates to a loss of around 4.3m3/hour so over a 10hour cycle that would equate to losing 1 turnover of the pool. I would rather have the extra turnover and rely on the main filter than the multicyclone in line, so I will be removing the multicyclone for next season. I expect to upgrade the power module for the pump to give me a better flow rate option.

        • Most Innovative and Progressive Manufacturer.

          It has to Pentair,

          With the introduction of variable speed/flow pumps and improvements in filtering including their new Fullflo backwash valves they can save the customers a small fortune by improving the flow spec of a system which is better for the customer, the pool, the industry and the planet.

  • I broke it down into categories, my choices would be the following:

    Cleaners - Zodiac
    From marketing all the way down to pool operation, no one can touch Zodiac Cleaners.

    Pumps - Emmerson/Nidec/A.O. Smith Motors
    For finally brining a cost effective, variable speed replacement to the marketplace.

    Filters - Pleatco
    For taking an oft overlooked and under-appreciated sector of the marketplace and revolutionizing the way we think about. This goes from marketing to technology. (Keep it coming Pleatco)

    Heaters - Solar Fence
    Taking something as mundane as a pool fence and turning it into a heating solution, a brilliant idea!

    Chemicals - Orb-3
    Delving into the science and technology behind bio-film and showing us the way out. Also providing the industry with an awesome product at a very reasonable price.


    I want to salute 3 individuals who, with their own resources and considerable backbone, introduced the pool industry to "...innovative, progressive, forward thinking..." ideas they saw a need for and rewarded us all with their vision: Greg Blackwell and his "Wall-Whale"; Kurt Ridder and his "Z-Pumper" and Mark Schreiber and his "Aqua-Comb". Well done, gentlemen, well done.


    • Love that Wall Whale!

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