If you want new, different, expanded, thinking, you must embrace new experiences.

Maybe you attend the "Pool Spa Expo" every year, why not expand your horizons and attend the Piscine Global instead.  This is the worlds largest pool show with over 18,000 in attendance and many new ideas you will only see outside the US.  

There are many European companies who would love to connect and if you are a manufacturer, there are MANY European pool businesses you are missing if you only target the US. 

It has been said, "If you do what you have done, you will get what you have got...".  Let's check out The Piscine Global and while we are there, how about a day trip to Paris! (only 2 hrs, by train - I did this last time and had a blast!)

I'm planning to attend this vibrant industry event in Lyon, France. I was there 2 years ago and it was awesome!

We will be posting travel tips, sightseeing information and perhaps even interviews with industry experts who will be in attendance. Are you ready to think outside of the box (and the country!) and attend this pool industry event?  Join me!

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