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Suggested CYA levels

I have a question:  If we put CYA in pools to protect chlorine from degradation, and suggest levels of 30-50 ppm in a "regular" chlorinated pool that gets dosed weekly (assuming a pool man in servicing the pool), why does the CYA level increase to 60

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CYA and effects on ORP

Read something the other day that said CYA greater than 30 ppm renders ORP readings nearly useless, and it got me to wondering.  We watch ORP closely on our trailer to protect our membranes, and the system shuts down if we exceed about 500 ORP. 

We de

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Bringing Calcium back in Solution

With apologies for hijacking another thread, I thought I might continue here with my questioning of bringing CH back in to solution without an acid wash.

My question is that if I had a pool with high CH, and I brought it down to 150-ish and had the cu

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