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Darrell's First Blog Post

Hi everyone. My name is Darrell and this is my first post.Very cool site you have going on here Rex.Lots of great information, I'm glad I stumbled across it.I have been a maintiance supervisor for a major pool builder in Austin Texas for the past three years.Its a great company but times have been tough for all companys this year and they had to cut my pay.I still work for them but made a life choice to open my own service company and take on the battles that come with owning your own business. I have just gone through the start up process of getting my DBA and setting up accounts with the suppliers, advertising,printing business cards and flyers, buying all the pool gear, printers, software etc.I've started getting my own clients while avoiding any customers of the company I was a supervisor for.I do have moral vaules and dont want to steal any clients from the company that taught me so much about the pool industry. In fact the paycut in my salary was probally the best thing for me as it forced me to step up and take action for myself. I have a goal of how many clients I feel I should have by the end of the first year and I will reach that goal.Just wanted to let all of you know a little bit about me.Look forward to getting to know you all and trading thoughts.DarrellD and D Pool ServiceAustin Texas
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