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Are you throwing your leads away?

Chances are you are if your writing them down on a form or post it note and handing them over to your sales staff, or even worse if sales staff takes your leads down the street to brand X.In these tough economic times when customers are not knocking down our doors these leads are GOLDEN. They are your continued existence in this industry, they are yours and your employees livelihood and should be treated as such by all in your office.In my conversations with many pool builders on construction management systems it amazes me on how many pool builders are throwing leads and sales away due to a lack of a systemized leads management database and followup.The first place to look at increasing your sales and referrals should be in your leads management or lack of. How do you collect and store customer information, who's responsible, How leads are distributed to sales, how leads are qualified, and most important do you have an automated response and follow up system in place. The right system will assist you in harvesting sales and referrals.There are many great leads databases and crm software available so there is no excuse for not adapting to technology. Some examples are Act, Goldmine, Salesforce, Saleslogix. Or you might want to look at the one designed for pool builders in our office management solution Pool Pro Office.How are you managing your leads? What benefits have you seen? And what challenges did you have on implementing your leads management?
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