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It's Not All About the Spa....

  As we get ready to head into spring and customers start opening their spas, it is time once again to review some important steps that will not only maintain, but prolong, the life of a spa cover. These are great tips to pass along to your customers when they purchase a cover.

  First of all, for those who have not used their spas during the winter months, it is important to pull the cover off of the spa and flip it over, exposing the bottom to the sunlight and giving it a chance to dry out. This step should be repeated every few months. We do NOT suggest removing the foam inserts from the cover as it is difficult to push them back into the vinyl. Unless the skin is being replaced, it is not necessary to remove the foam. 

  It is important to clean and condition the top of the spa cover twice a month with a soft bristle brush and mild solution of dish washing liquid. The cover should then be rinsed thoroughly to eliminate the chance of any soap suds getting into the spa water. Once it has dried, a high quality vinyl protectant like 303 Vinyl Protectant (NOT Armor All) should be applied. If the vinyl is not kept clean and conditioned, it could deteriorate prematurely and become brittle. Also, we do not recommend the use of chlorine-based chemicals. Chlorine can destroy the liner and protective film on the foam inserts, causing water-logging which, in turn, will require replacement of the foam inserts. When adding chemicals to the spa, leaving the cover open for a period of at least 30 minutes will allow accumulated chemical vapors to dissipate, maintaining the integrity of the liner and protective film. 

  There are also a few basic things to keep in mind when using a spa cover. Most importantly, a cover is not a safety cover (unless you have specifically purchased a safety walk-on) and is not designed to walk on, stand on, or sit upon. The tie downs and handles are made to open and secure the cover, and can tear if dragged or lifted without disconnecting all of the tie down straps first. Also, removing sitting snow from the top of a spa cover (preferrably with something soft like a broom) will help maintain the foam and reduce the chance of ice build up on the cover.

  A spa cover should last, on average, about five years. If a customer is complaining about a shorter life span on a cover, then either they are not maintaining the cover properly or they have purchased a poorly made cover. Passing along this information will help build a better relationship with your customer and increase the chance of a repeat sale when the time comes.  

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Defeating the Price vs. Quality Mentality

As a manufacturer, we are many times faced with the challenge of explaining why our product cost more than some of our competitors. Even though I truly believe in the quality of our spa covers, I always dread this conversation. I think most consumers (myself included), look for the best bargain....It is not like I walk into a store saying "hey, where is your most expensive tv...I'll take it". We are born to bargain...in our personal lives as well as our professional ones. Unfortunately, in our quest to find the cheapest price, we also many times sacrifice quality. For example, let's talk shoes (I know, I know...I am a female...shoes are important). When I am buying a new pair of shoes, I know I want them to last more than a couple of years, so I go for quality. I could buy the cheaper shoes, but they may only last me a year or two at best. Why do that, when I can pay a little more and have them for several more years? I am not willing to compromise when it comes to my shoes.

So...the challenge....explaining the "shoe" philosophy to our customers. We (as in Blue Water Spa Covers) may not have the cheapest prices, but we do have great quality. Do you want your cover to last a couple of years or five or six? I like to think of us as a package deal...not only do you get a great product, but you get fantastic customer service...you become part of our family....it's like buying the shoes, and getting a matching handbag for free...or more simply put for the men....it's like buying that big screen tv and getting the universal remote for free.

In the long run, going for quality is the bargain. It may cost more upfront, but the product will last longer. Instead of buying two in five years and doubling your spending, you can purchase one good product that will last five years and keep some of that cash in your pocket.

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