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HGTV Needs to be Brought Up To Date

As I'm watching HGTV tonight about homes with pools in Texas, I'm stunned by the young lady describing the automatic cover as a negative to the pool environment. She described it as ugly and that the home would be more desirable without it.To his credit, her counterpart brought up the safety aspect.This was instead, an opportunity for HGTV to broadcast to a sizable audience the total benefit of covered pools (not to mention the convenience of motorized covers). At this, they failed completely.As an industry we are under constant assult from many sides regarding energy consumption, water consumption, and safety.These assults are not without merit despite all the great work and effort put toward making our product the safest swimming experience on earth. The young lady's ignorance should not go unchallenged and my hope is that more of us can unite as a group and challenge HGTV and realtors to become better informed and let the public know what a huge benefit covered pools offer as opposed to uncoverd pools.
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