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Rory w/ Superior Pool Products - MUST READ

Rory was involved in a hit & run accident while on his motorcycle on the 91 freeway back in August. He was on his way to work from Corona to Anaheim and was struck by a car that fled the scene. He is still fighting for his life with little help from hospital staff. His wife has been his constant support since the accident. I just found out today that the hospital moved him without her knowledge/consent to a place that will not accept medical. So when his insurance runs out (which is close), he will have nowhere to go. I am reaching out to anyone who can help. You can read her blog here:

They have lost everything. She has sold vehicles & bikes. Their house has been foreclosed on and she bought a mobile home…but now since they moved him she is going to have a huge commute including toll roads which she cannot afford.

I have posted on Twitter, Facebook, etc. Sent emails to various newspapers, news channels, motorcycle ministries and have heard nothing back. I need to get them help. I have never met Rory in person, but I talked to him on the phone at least once a is not right what he and his family have been put through.

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World's Largest Swimming Pool

I was just cruising the internet looking for interesting things about pools and came across this, the World's Largest Swimming Pool!

It is 3,324 ft. long and has an area of 19.77 acres!! It is located in Algarrobo, Chile. It took 5 years to build and is right next to the ocean. It is very impressive! It has a deep end of over 100 ft. Can you imagine the maintenance on this pool?

I found it at the Guinness book of world records and provided a link, but the profanity filter didn't like it :)

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