World's Largest Swimming Pool

I was just cruising the internet looking for interesting things about pools and came across this, the World's Largest Swimming Pool!

It is 3,324 ft. long and has an area of 19.77 acres!! It is located in Algarrobo, Chile. It took 5 years to build and is right next to the ocean. It is very impressive! It has a deep end of over 100 ft. Can you imagine the maintenance on this pool?

I found it at the Guinness book of world records and provided a link, but the profanity filter didn't like it :)

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  • Pools usually do pretty well in earthquakes. I think it's partly because they are subterranean. And the water seems to "cushion" them. Tall structures are damaged because they will sway.
    I guess it also depends on how it was built. A structure that large must have had a fair amount of engineering.
  • Dave - I thought the same thing yesterday when I went to look at it... It looked pretty close to the epicenter on the map.
  • I wonder how this pool fared after the earthquake.
  • You may also want to search "Worlds Most Expensive Pool". It has an unbelievable fiber optic system in the floor. Don't know how it was done exactly but it is worth looking up.
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