Another Hot tub trade association?

The other day I recieved my newest issue of Pool and Spa News and right there on the front cover, "New Hot Tub Association Formed", my first reaction was "What?".As I started to read the article I realized it was an organization that is being supported by true leaders in the industry, including Watkins and started by Andrew Tournas (owner of Thermospas) now that got me a bit intrigued and as I read further I noticed representatives from other associations were bad mouthing the new association and basically saying that this would be a hinderence to the efforts that they are trying to make to promote the industry. Maybe I am a bit under-informed but how in any possible way could this hurt the industry. I understand what was said and written but isn't anything that tries to promote the industry a good thing? So I read on.As I finished the article I was still confused so I read it again. Now just for clarification, anything that Andrew Tournas does makes me a bit concerned. Maybe I am bit skewed since his company does quite a bit of advertising and selling in my area of Maryland and Delaware. In this instance however I think Andrew is on the right track and may be doing the industry a favor. For the past number of years the APSP has been trying to collect money to promote the spa industry and has had a tough time of it, maybe it is time to see what someone else can do.This industry is in trouble, with the down economy and efficiency concerns it seems everyone is running in different directions and can not get their act together. I for one absolutly love the spa industry and would love to do whatever I can to help promote and support it. It seems that others, at least in this article, just want to be all about them and how it affects their standing.I say if anyone wants to bring this industry to the top then count me in and how can I help?Justin
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  • Wow I dont want to be part of p---sing contest but I am soo trying to revive the spa world, I will help in any way!
    Especially in a possitive way!!!
  • Justin. Agreed. They indicate they want to work together for the good of the industry.
    Hopefully, this can happen and not divide us further. Laurie
  • Laurie,
    I am also sitting back to see what comes of this new venture. I only hope that this does not become a
    "p--sing" match between the two associations and they can each focus on what the needs really are.
  • Justin,
    What I hear about the one vs two is that the new association focus is strictly on protection. Thus, the growth issue relative to promotion doesn't apply. Either way, I am sort of sitting back and watching to see how that all plays out. But, I will agree that we need to grow our industry and we must help the consumer understand that ours is a NEED product, not a NICE to HAVE product. Clearly these are trying economic times - but if our industry was better positioned as having something that every one should have in their home for health reasons, we might be in better place today. And the book Tom mentioned is the first step to helping us to do that. And every book purchased goes back into more research to help establish more science behind the ahhh, and thus more credibility for the shopper.

  • Tom,
    I have actually recieved this book when I requested information from either Master or Marquis, can't remember which. Every year I request the general info from every manufacturer for comparison purposes as well as to see what is new. I actually like the book very much especially in how simply it explains the benifits of the spa experience. I have actually shown this copy to customers as we sat at the closing table.

    Excellent material,
  • Justin,
    I am not sure what is right on the one versus two associations in one domain. I do know there is some terrific new promotional information based on real science, written in laymen's language, and ideal to help hot tub dealers to convert prospects into dealers. Some of the manufacturers have bought lots of these small books and have committed to promote them to dealers. I am thinking this is not a success - yet. Still, the tool is available to help professional dealers help consumers understand why they should love hot water too. Aaaahhhh!

    Check this booklet out.

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