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  • yes, the therapy jets are the filter jets :)

  • it is the blower ring in the bench that you see creating all the turbulence in the water. We use 1.5" flex pipe that we sink into a trench in the bench and there are about 15 air nozzles that allow air to flow out from the bench. The nozzles are flush with the bench...

  • Yes, frame and grate on the spa. There are 3 returns in the pool and the spa has 6 waterway jets with an external air intake. We usually use a 1.5 HP, but I think we did a 2HP on this one to improve the water flow over the spa edge. Typically all you need is 1.5 HP for 6 jets or less. I believe there is only one other pump used for the fountains. We did another one that is about to featured in the next edition of Home Trends Magazine and this one has over 13 jets and the spa is 6.5' x 15' wide rectangle, zero spillover edge... It is awesome, we used the Waterway 3 and 4 jets packs for the back and calve areas

  • Oh ok you use the Therapy Jets as the Filter Jets because of the GVA Actuator Valve.  

  • Did you use frame and grate's or Sumps in the Spa?  How many filter jets in the spa?  how many Therapy Jets in that spa?  And what HP pump did you use for the Filtration for the Pool/Spa?  Did you use a total of 3 Pumps including the 2 Booster Pumps?

  • The pool and spa both run on the same pump, and there are booster pumps for the fountains. When you go into "spa mode" this turns vales that isolate the spa from the pool. The same pump that is used to filter and circulate the pool water is used to take water from the spa and return it back into the spa through the therapy jets.  The main reason why you would want more than one pump is so you can heat the spa and run the fountains separately at the same time.  

  • Is this a Combination Pool and Spa System or is it One system with an actuator Valve for heat?

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