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The LSI is Reliable

Using the Langelier Saturation Index as a guide for maintaining proper pool water balance and to protect pool plaster has become a mainstay in our industry, and we believe, for good reason.

We at onBalance have conducted several LSI experiments and h

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What pH is Best for Pools?

Experienced service techs know that the pH in many of their pools generally rises above 7.8 within four to seven days following chemical treatments.  It is a chemistry reality that when water contains 80 ppm to 120 ppm of carbonate alkalinity, and is

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I'm preparing today to chair APSP in November. You may already know we are deeply involved in strategic planning, searching for our CEO's successor in 18 months, and trying to become more relevant to the swimming pool / recreational water industry as

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BioFilm: The Hidden Accomplice


Biofilm: The Hidden  Accomplice

     So many times when I hear the  word biofilm all I can conjure is the movie BioDome and how much the two are  alike.  They are two protective enclosures with living organisms that can  contain within themselves one

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