Backyard renovations Where to start?

Very new to the renovation gig. Just kinda rolling with equipment repairs, deck repairs and pool resurfacing, and new tile.

I was on a leak detection service call today and the best fix here is resurfacing the pool.  I asked her how she felt about having the pool resurfaced instead of patching the jets, skimmers, etc, and maybe even repainting the deck.  Boy did I open up a can of, "OMG what did I just get myself into."  She goes inside and comes back with a picture she took of a Parade of Homes spillover spa. Says to me, this is what we want.  How long till we can swim? I was and am still floored.   She wants the whole thing, new deck, new resurface, new tile, add a spillover spa all dressed up and wrapped in stacked stone, a fire pit and a water feature maybe a small garden pond with a few KOI.  She tells me financing the project wont be necessary, theyve been saving up for this for years and this leak detection service call was the straw that broke the camel's back. "Its time to do this, what do you think would look best?" she tells me. I left there thinking....oh crap.

I thought where/ how do I/ what can I give to this customer as well as others to get them to start thinking about a project(s) like this. Is an Idea book a good place to start? Which one, what should I not show them?

Your thoughts, comments, and suggestions are most welcome.


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  • luxury pool magazines? got any titles to share?


    Florida Leisure Pool & Spa

  • I give out Luxur y Pools magazines to serious clients.

    They can get a ton of ideas there.

    I also leave design decisions to design Professionals! I build pools, and am good at it... I am not good with design. I have ideas, but pulling it all together isn't my strength. I work with a number of licensed Landscape Architects that I refer out all the time.

    Go to the APLD website to find some local designers that can help you and the client come up with a working set of plans. You can also check the ASLA website, but I would start at the APLD site first.

    Good luck.
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