Current Trends in the Pool Industry

Over the past few years, we have noticed a trend moving to smaller vessels of water being built with a focus on safety, versatility, and “green” benefits being demanded by the homeowner.With more public awareness to drowning and accidental injuries taking place in pools, homeowners are actively looking for ways to reduce or eliminate this risk. So, products such as automated pools covers, pool nets, fencing options, and products like a Hidden Water Pool are addressing these concerns. However, very few products offer the aesthetics that some homes require.However, the “hot topic” in the industry is definitely conversations revolving around the “green” theme. Homeowners are embracing ways to be conscientious consumers when it comes to our planets limited resources. They are looking at ways to reduce water, chemical, and energy usage and of course save money at the same time. In the past the green issue was only a casual discussion topic, but now the paradigm has changed and consumers are demanding real green solutions. Products such as Hidden Water Pools are addressing these concerns head on by changing the way that people view the purchase of a residential swimming pool.Lastly, due to the long term trend of new homes being built on small lots, homeowners are looking to get the most versatility from their backyard investments. They are looking to create as much versatility as possible with the limited space that they might have, as well as trying to create long term value when they are ready to sell their home in the future.
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  • I couldn't agree more. The "downsizing" trend of the past few years has definitely prepared the pool builder market for a logical fit with Hidden Water Pools. Additionally, the suplemental features and benefits of the pools easily tackle the headlining ecological and safety concerns that consumers are actively seeking resolutions for when making their design decisions.
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