Get The Duck Outta Here?

Anybody have any experience with keeping Mallard Ducks out of a residential pool?


Got a customer with 2 mallards starting to call the pool their own.  I really could use some helpful suggestions on how to break them of that habit.  Any Ideas?  Please Help!



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  • Thanks guys.  I think we have the ducks looking for a different watering hole - the combination of "unleashing the hounds - turning on the sheer descents - running the auto vac have them on the run


    thanks for the input though - i will let you know if they return


  • The ducks I'm dealing with don't seem to mind if they can't get in the water they will just walk around on the solar cover.
  • The ducks I've seen  have been able to figure out rather quickly that the plastic owl won't hurt them, I've had some success with running a Kreepy or barracuda cleaner, (they seem more intimidated by the ones that bump around rather than the cruisers). Inflatables sometimes work, if tethered so they don't just blow to one side of the pool & sit. CAUTION: Inflatable toys left in the pool are a lure for small children & may represent a drowning hazard, other protection, ie, fencing, alarms, etc. are needed. Then again, a safety cover eliminates both problems!
  • We have had luck using inflatable alligators
  • Schaweet - keep me posted


    thanks Eric

  • Owl is on watch now, I will let you know how it goes.
  • Thanks Bruce - will give that a try too

    We attempted to combat them by keeping the automatic vacuum crawling around the pool at the hours when the ducks try and land (evenings) - so far, along with "dog attacks" it is reducing the frequency

    will keep you posted on end result - thanks for the input

  • I've seen "RainBird" sprinklers set with a motion detector work.  Keep the water source live and when the bird enters the area the sprinkler kicks on and scares them off.  No harm to the bird, and away they go.



  • let me know how that works please Eric!  I am trying harrassment by unleashing the hounds, turning on sheer descents and popping on the lights (when they are there at night) - a campaign of annoyance.  An Owl Decoy might be a nice addition to the aresenal - let me know how yours works out
  • Got the same problem,I'm going to try an owl decoy.
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