It's Baaack!

Pool Season, that is. At least here in Florida--and it's  coming soon worldwide to the northern hemisphere. Hurricane season starts here in F-L-A in a week and three words come to mind: West equine virus. Every little toy, every pool float with a drink receptacle; any and everything that can hold water is a potential mosquito farm. If only they could be sold at the local farmers market. Regrettably,  mosquitos are only good for sucking blood and infecting animals and humans with diseases that can cause serious, long-term health problems and, in some cases, death. It's up to us to gently remind our pool owners of the health risks not only IN their pool, but AROUND it. Send them a tweet; include it in your seasonal newsletter; or that monthly infomercial  with your email billing. It's our responsibility to remind them of the importance of draining rainwater from anything on, in or around their pools and turn them upside down or cover them. This is for their health, their children's health and most importantly, YOUR health. On a personal note, the skin Doc has now removed a 2nd cancerous growth from this old pool tech's sun-battered hide. I've got a new attitude on self-preservation. It has taken me 50 years to realize suntans are NOT cool. Keep yourself protected head to toe--literally. Invest in UV clothing, a broad-brimmed hat; no flip-flops: water-proof shoes with soles that support your weight. Get a pair of high-quality shades. Did you know you can get skin cancer in your eyes!? ...and wear sunscreen. Work safe, pool brothers and sisters.


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