Phone Wars....may the bars be with you.

I am declaring Phone Wars on PGN. What is your favorite mobile phone device? Why is it the best, and how does it help you in your business and personal life? How are you using mobile devices in your business?And may the best mobile phone win.Thanks for your comments. Mark Richter
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  • Hello Jeremy, what type of phone has passed, and how did you use it in your business? What type of phone are you considering? Mark
  • My phone has finally begun a slow death this week. Its a tough tool, and I've put through the mud, silicone, glue, pipedope and the occaisional drop on the pavement. Im really hoping to find the apps for the new phones that will seamlessly work for my model. I'm so tired of the duplication of effort.

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  • Agendus is available for BB

  • I currently use a Palm Centro on Sprint. I have a SmartListToGo for inventory so I always keep up to date on prices and restock my truck when I use something. I use AgendusPro for scheduling. It syncs to Outlook so I always have a copy of my calender and contacts on the computer. The phone works good. I like both the touchscreen and the keyboard. I use GoogleMaps to get places. It connects to Agendus, so I don't even have to retype an address.

    Unfortunately, it is becoming a bit of a relic. Palm's new Pre and Pixi don't allow third party PIM's like Agendus. Agendus is cool for me since it allows me to link contacts together. This way I can track which customer came from which pool guy, and which ones came from yellowpages, and which contact is a landlord and which is the related tennant. Is this type of relational PIM database available on the new Droid or iPhone?
  • We went BlackBerry about a year and a half ago... I truly can't understand how I lasted so long without it now. I am not a fan of AT&T either. Their service is Terrible in the LA area. Verizon has BY FAR the best network locally, and I have been with them for 15 + years. Though it has it's quirks (which have been mostly addressed with the latest software upgrade) I am using the BB Storm. I like having a big screen to view webpages on. When it comes to email the BB wins hands down, no competition. Clients are shocked to get a return email, often times within minutes of them sending to me, and I have found this invaluable. Though BB AppWorld is no AppStore, there are an ever expanding number of quality apps available. I have a weather app that gives me live streaming radar like you see on the evening news, a GPS based yellow pages, that I can look up where the closest Home Depot (or McDonalds) is, and it will also give me a hotlink to phone them. I listen to podcasts which are updated automatically to my phone every time I sync with my desktop. My calendar is always sync'd with my wifes (so I know when the next 4 yerar old cousins birthday is, and I don't schedule Plaster that day!) I have 5 gigs of music on the phone, for when I don't want to podcast anymore... and I am waiting for a Quickbooks app where I will be able to bill a client from the backyard, emial it to them, and get paid just that much more quickly.
    Mobile Technology is here to stay, and I think that it is already expected assumed by most higher end clients.
  • Thanks as usual for more than two cents worth. So the battle has begun between iPhone, Blackberry and Droid so far. With the newest in phone technology and network capabilities the battle for the #1 phone and service will probably be played our every day in the battlefield of mobile technology.
    Mobile is exploding.
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