Power Vac vs. the Hammerhead Vacuum

So I just got a Power Vac PV2100 and filmed it for my YouTube Channel. It is a pretty awesome product and will speed up my time out in the field tremendously.

It seems even in my area the Hammerhead is more popular and was wondering if it was just better marketing or better product that makes this appear so. So a little informal survey. Which do you use and which would you think about purchasing? And has anyone used both and can compare that way?

Here is my blog article on the Power Vac and video in case you have no clue what I am even referring to - ha, ha.


I think there is definitely a huge market for these types of pool vacuums and the trend is upward as I see many pool guys and pool companies investing in them. Both the Power Vac and Hammerhead have good reviews from those I have already heard from. The point of which one is better might be a matter of preference. I don't know so I am looking forward to your responses.

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  • I was also looking into the Power Vac. Wondering how its been working since you purchased it? it appears to be much cheaper than the hammerhead. How long does a normal charge last you?

  • I use all the Pool Blasters on my route also. I like the fine mesh bag they sell as it traps most of the dirt much better. Problem is you can't go too fine or no water will pass through. But the Pool Blaster fine mesh bag works well.

    I just tested and filmed the Micron Bag for the Power Vac and it works great. Filters down to 60 microns so only a finest dust will blow back through this bag. Traps most of the dirt and when you dump it out mud comes out - pretty cool.

  • Hi David, yes I caught your video, I use a pool blaster max CQ for the few leaves or bit of dirt I may get on the bottom. Biggest issue I see is the filters are not fine enough so the cloud coming out the side of the bag in a poor pool (not mine) is just going to settle back. May as well vacuum in the usual way?

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