We need a forum to bring "Who can do this work in _________" situations to the PGN family.


We have strong relationships in our market and our customer base frequently wants us to do renovation work in different states when they get transferred.  Sometimes, the logistics make it impractical for us to do the work however, our customers, who trust us and have known us for 27 years, want us to recommend someone we could "vouch for" that is in our industry in the particular state our customer has been transferred to.

Where should we post these kinds of opportunities - not sure if this is the right group or not?  I want to only give a PGN family member a nice renovation job - but, our reputation is on the line so they must be reputable


For instance, I have a good long term customer who has recently taken over responsibility for properties in Philladelphia.  How would i best put the word out on this opportunity?


 This is the Scope of Work - Apartment Comlex Pool in Philly - Company does pay their bills:

  • Re-plumb all skimmer lines and install new skimmer buckets- pool deck and coping to be removed and replaced by others
  • Pressure test new skimmer and main drain lines prior to back fill of pool deck
  • Re-plumb main drain(s) to side wall with code compliant covers per VGB Act, abandon and patch old drains on bottom of pool.  Install VGB compliant covers on the skimmer EQ lines
  • Inspect existing pump room and recommendations and pricing
  • Plumb water fill line for pool to return line in pump room
  • Remove and replace all waterline tiles (including tile in skimmer throats) Replace depth marker tile and “No Diving” tiles per code- install new 6”x 6” frost proof  tile and grout 
  • Install new deck tile depth markers and “No Diving” tiles in coping per code
  • Replace all edge marker (step trim tile) on benches and stairs per code.
  • Install VGB Act compliant covers on the skimmer EQ lines
  • Resurface pool- prep, bond coat and plaster entire surface of pool, fountain and wading area/spa
  • Tap sound check for hollow plaster (delamination) areas and repair as required
  • Provide optional price for health department approved Diamond Brite or Color Quartz finish
  • Inspect pool light function and provide pricing for repair parts or complete fixture replacement
  • Provide pricing for ladder/handrail anchor replacements if applicable
  • Provide and install start up chemicals and maintenance
  • Pool contractor responsible for pool renovation permit
  • Pool contractor will dispose of debris off site in a lawful manner
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  • WELL - Guess this blog is no longer relevant - i have moved the whole conversation over to an official "Group" now Also called "Sub Hub" so, everybody go to the GROUP - Sub Hub - for more info pertaining to job opportunities and referrals for renovation work.

    I think the Group is a more appropriate spot for continued sharing of job opportunities like this

    Hope to see you over there - and Bruce, thanks for the input. You are in California right? Are you aware, Bruce, of any PGN Family Members that are in Philly?
  • I think you just did put the word out, Charles!


    What a great idea!  I run some leads for a company (Poolscape Unlimited) that does exactly the work that you are describing above, and I will occasionally get the same type of requests.  To be able to recommend a similar company that you could rely on to do the work and uphold your standards would be great.  You would look good to your customer for having that referral, and the customer could rest easy that his relationship with you would carry this much farther.


    Wish I worked in Philly!  Looks like a nice project.

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