As we know, sales of newly constructed in-ground pools have plummeted in recent years, however there are builders who are thriving in this new environment through various methods which include adding value and differentiating their businesses from competitors.

The explosion in the health and fitness industry works to our advantage. This is something that should be focused on when proposing a new pool to a client. The health benefits of an aquatic work out are considerable. Swimming works the entire body, improving cardiovascular conditioning, muscle strength, endurance, posture and flexibility. Swimming improves the body’s use of oxygen without overworking the heart, making it particularly beneficial to the cardiovascular system. Furthermore, swimming strengthens the lungs and promotes weight loss through the formation of lean muscle groups.

Hydrotherapy is also a positive way to improve flexibility, sleep patterns, and reduce muscle and joint pain in middle-aged and older adults with a history of orthopedic limitations and discomfort. By substituting aquatic treadmill walking for land walking, overweight individuals can be helped as they strive to incorporate physical activity into their lifestyle.

Hydrotherapy is also becoming more popular for rehabilitation as well as for exercise. There are numerous studies done that suggest many of the side effects of diseases can be addressed with aquatic exercise, including improvements in mood and well-being, general health, immune function, and fatigue.

The aquatic environment can offer an enjoyable exercise alternative that helps divert the focus from pain and discomfort, even if just temporarily. The benefits of water therapy in these studies also point to reduced soreness, body fat and inflammation while also improving muscle mass and strength performance. 

Although the pool itself offers these benefits, usability can be enhanced greatly with the addition of a swim-against-the-current system. The number of swim jet system installations in new pools is increasing due to consumer requests as well as through proactive sales by builders. These systems offer a great way to upgrade the pool itself while improving the experience of the family using it and differentiating your business.



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