Are you familiar with popular palm sized water balls on the market that repel water and bounce on the water surface? We at Sports are interested in industry input and critical review of this world selling sports water bag, The WaterRipper. Explore the many new safe children's water sports play patterns for the pool using water bag technology designed by an architect or children. 

The handmade WR uses patented water absorbing, low impact, bag technology that rips across the pool in a low skip profile. It stays in the pool and does not bounce like a ball. The technology is based on the foot bag or HackySack, redesigned for children and water play sports activities. Guaranteed it will leave a wet mark and a smile. Use it wet or dry. 

Water Bag technology is optimized for surface water play and more suited and satisfying experience for children engaged in pool play activities of simple catching, throwing and targeting on the water surface. Explore new play patterns using a water bag such as WaterPolo, RipperSkip, QuackShoot & WaterGolf... Experience the ease and playability of the water bag. Invent your own pool activities with a water bag.

We are interested in your input. Contact us for samples & test the WaterRipper. Sports

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