Why Ashton Kutcher should train your employees

The pool industry in North America is very seasonal, which means that most businesses hire seasonal staff on an annual basis. This can sometimes be trying, because we often work with high school students who may or may not have the work ethic that leads to a well run, profitable business.

In addition to being seasonal, there is actually a lot of work that goes into a pool industry job. On the retail end of things, there is a lot of training required to understand how pools work, what different chemicals do, how water is balanced, etc. It's certainly not flipping burgers or folding jeans. 

On the service side, there is actual physical work to be done that can sometimes be taxing, sometimes kind of "icky" and often hot and sweaty.

Hard work and summer vacation are not synonymous terms in the minds of many teenagers.

Which is why, from this day forward, every time you hire a new high school student to work with you, you should play for them the speech Ashton Kutcher gave at the 2013 Teen Choice Awards. 

Scratch that. Every employee - every PERSON - should watch this video.

I will be honest when I say I have not been the biggest Ashton Kutcher fan in my life, and my jaw dropped to the floor when I first watched this video. But it is honestly worth spending 4:41s on, and it is definitely worth sharing.

Watch the video now, and continue reading the post after. DO NOT read the rest of the post before watching the video!

(url: http://youtu.be/FNXwKGZHmDc)


I was amazed at the wisdom that poured out of "Chris's" mouth. Its not only kids that need to take these thoughts to heart, but everyone. The world of marketing, especially! Have you seen Diesel's marketing lately? Compare this video to the one you just watched: Diesel: Be Stupid

Now tell me which one you want your children, employees and fellow human beings emulating. You have to be stupid to take risks? Tell that to best stock brokers in the world. Smart people are scared to fail? Tell that to Thomas Edison. Being smart crushes possibility!? Smart sees things how they are and stupid recognizes what they can be? What about the Wright Brothers? Or NASA. Or any scientist, really. 

I never thought I would say this, but I'm with Ashton. Work hard. Be smart. Build your life.

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  • Richard, 

    I totally agree with you. The Diesel ads COULD be sending a really powerful message about living life the the fullest. If they traded "stupid" for brave, unique, strong, creative or a myriad of other positive terms, the message would be fantastic. I simply have a problem with the black and white definitions of stupid vs smart. Too many people - especially youth! - will not read between the lines to find the hidden meaning.

  • I agree. I'm with Ashton too.  Parts of the Diesel ad are really not so much about being stupid but being creative and non-conformist.  They are talking about "smart" as in the establishment and "stupid" is creating, but also getting hungover.  So a mixed message to be sure and just a marketing ad.  Ashton spoke from the heart and was grateful about his life with hard work and developing a wisdom that usually takes many more years (if ever).  Good for him and good for the next generation...if they listen.

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