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PH bounce and alkalinity

PH bounce, what exactly does this mean?  Should I expect to see some kind of rebound or is this another pool phrase.

I am talking specifically about vinyl liner pools and the need for the alkalinity buffer to create a stable pH.  We are used to adding

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Ok so from reading on PGN I understand the reasons behind the high alkalinity start ups but what then?  Once the pool has stabilised what does the alkalinity do that the calcium hardness doesn't by way of protecting the surface.  I don't get the buff

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Can anyone help?

Hello Geniuses,

I am trying to find a kind Genius who could get hold of a pentair fullfloxf backwash valve 263080

and send it to me in Great Britain, any one who can help please PM or email me.

Pentair won't supply direct or through Pentair Europe for s

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plumbing theory

I see a lot of plumbing installations that mention having straight pipe runs of 3x dia of the pipe minimum before the pump. Whilst I understand why that would be for a normal water pump, almost all pool pumps break this theory by making the water tur

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