• agreed.

    I still check in from time to time.  In fact, I met up with a good friend at the Pool Spa Patio Expo in Orlando.  We were first introduced at the very first Pool Genius Meetup.  I still keep up with a small core group, and it all started with PGN


    Florida Leisure Pool & Spa

    • Hi Jeremy, good to hear from someone, I was getting quite lonely.

      I have never looked on youtube but do accountants, insurers, etc post on their how to do your annual tax returns etc?

      It just seems strange that some seem compelled to show everyone how to put themselves and others out of business.

      I heard a quote years ago, " An engineer is a person who charges £1 for something everyone else would charge £5 for".  Do these youtubers seek fame? because unless they have lots of adverts paying them it can't be their fortune they seek? 

  • RIP Pool Forums, after all who needs them when people post on you tube how to do anything your likely to need to do.

  • Yes it would seem so..........

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