It's All About The Questions We Ask

Mastering success in your swimming pool business includes many aspects, but it always requires attention to detail and the ability to "truthfully" self examine your behavior and performance. To facilitate "self examination", I have researched and prepared 150 specific questions to not only ask, but to use as a guide to closely examine your business health. The first five questions for business mastery to consider are: 1. Do we have the ability to respond and adapt to changes in a timely and effective manner; and do we train our employees to expect constant changes and improvements? 2. Are departmental accountabilities clear and do we review these accountabilities frequently? 3. Have sufficient resources been allocated to achieve our strategic intent and are key initiatives adequately funded? 4. Have we announced our key performance metrics to all of our internal and external stakeholders? 5. Do our day to day business practices appeal to the long term interests of the company's stakeholders? Record these questions, then review and closely inspect your company and management style to find the answers, then adjust to make the changes necessary. You will then be off to a great start in building a business based upon proven methods of success. See you next Friday for the next 5 in the series.
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