The Friday Questions For Success Part 2

To facilitate "self examination", I have researched and prepared 150 specific questions to not only ask, but to use as a guide to closely examine your business health. Last Friday I gave you the first five questions, and today we will explore the next five in the series. Questions 6 thru 10 for business mastery to consider are: 6. How do we assess the buying power of our customers? 7. How do we assess the threat of substitute products or services and new entrants to the marketplace? 8. How do we assess our vulnerability to adverse business cycles? 9. Do we monitor and understand the balance of technology and face to face communications? 10. How do we balance authority and control within our organization? Record these questions, then review and closely inspect your company and management style to find the answers, then adjust to make the changes necessary. See you next Friday for the next 5 in the series.
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  • Great questions Rex! Especially #9 balancing face to face communications with technology. Just to add an opinion, I think that face to face (or at least verbal) communication is a must for MOST communication with customers. I only use technology (email) for sending unexpected things - like pics of their job when we are working during the day. With vendors/suppliers I usually OVER COMMUNICATE - I call and email for reinforcement of the phone call - anyone else?
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