A Solid Requirement

Just got my latest SIN and was really surprised by the satement that APSP made about the latest ANSI Standard they are working on.

Why would they worry about a solid requirement for water quality when the one that they got approved for plastering was FAR from "solid"!

Whats the deal?

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  • Hi Ken,

    Welcome to the world of "Trade Association Bureaucracy and Cronyism".

    Trade associations in the end are a "money making bureaucracy", that protects the interests of its biggest donors and contributors sometimes at the expense of the truth.

    They are not "bad" per say, but are ofter "not right".  In my opinion of course.  

    As they merge with NSPF it will be interesting to see if the end result is "improved" or "degraded".  I hope and am optimistic that it will be improved.

    Thanks for your post!


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