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To: All Service Techs, Reps and Parts Suppliers


I am looking for a salvage or used clamp band and 3-prong grip off a Purex-Triton "Mytilus" series cartridge filter. As a handful of you may know, I manufacture a filter tool and put together what I call a 'Frankenfilter' to help demo it. Feb09FrnknfltrColorImage.jpg  As seen in the image, I attach a sample of all the applications of my product to a Sta-Rite 'Posi-Flow tank body and it does a pretty good job of showing the versatility of the product to prospective buyers at trade shows(to see when and where:


If you're a tech, scrounge through your parts bin or box. If you sell (especially used) parts to the trade, see if you have the clamp. If you're a rep or distributor, ask around. The following link may be printed and placed on sales counters if applicable. Part%20Needed.pdf I live in Tampa, Fla. so, the closer you are, the cheaper it will be to ship it and I will pay the shipping. Time is a factor; I need the part in the next couple of weeks to complete work on a Frankenfilter IV for an upcoming show.


Regards and thanks,


Tal Millican 

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  • Don't know if its your product....but I have a similar device that I have used on System 3's.  They work great!
  • Clemente:


    Thanks for your response and the  link. I'll keep this website in mind. I am hoping to find one here in Tampa. These filters are popular in this area, but they don't last forever and they're being replaced by lock-ring filters.






  • Found it online for the lowest rice...You can get it at the link below...



    Hope this helps...

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