Finding New Service Customers

Following up an old lead I got talking with a guy who had just started his own service company ... I saw he had recently signed up with PGN and we got to talking about all the "sharing" by the service folks. I asked how he was finding new accounts and suggested that he get to know local pool builders. I also suggested that he try to create a short lesson presentation and work with a pool builder to teach the new pool owner the pool care basics. It's a win-win as he can charge the pool builder a small fee to provide that service and if the pool owner later decides to look for a pool service company he has already made contact. What do you all think?
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  • Makes perfectly good sense to me, presuming the pool builder doesn't have a service team of his/her own.

    Regardless of the proposed "pool school," I think it's an excellent idea for pool builders and pool service companies to get to know each other better. In Texas, for example, we've got a lot of IPSSA people attending APSP meetings and events, and APSP members attending IPSSA meetings and events.

    We're all in this together; it only makes sense that we get more coordinated in serving the industry.
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