Pool and Spa Code Amendments.docAs of June 1st, 2009 all NC swimming pools newly built, residential and commercial will need to comply with APSP Standard 7 - 2007. This will allow all pools to be compliant with the VGB Act and in the future with the newer NC Health Dept. standards as well. The proposed change to the 2009 NC Building Code Appendix G section 106 was submitted last July before the 2009 code was adopted. The new code change came quickly after the 2009 code was published.As promised to the NC Code Council and Dept. of Insurance we need to make this code available to all our officials as it did not make the new 2009 code book (it was already being published!).I would like to thank the following for all their help in making this happen: Ray Cronise (what a great teacher and compassion on this issue), Carvin DiGiovanni (who brought all the players to the table when needed), Steven Getzhoff (it was important to have the legal wording correct from the beginning), APSP Builders Council, Steve Barnes, Dan Johnson and my husband Neal Purser for his patience and our staff at Hampstead Pools for doing my work while I was gone. Barry Gupton at the NC DOI and Jim Hayes at NCDEHNR for their willingness to listen and learn along with the rest of us.Next: Pool Service Electrical License (as TX is doing now) as in NC we are not allowed to change pump motors according to the electrical code! But this will have to wait till winter...it's time to work!!!!
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