I have videos of the entire process from start to finish at, http://www.lucaslagoons.com/MEDIA/LPdavis-building-new-lagoon-style-pool-natural-rock-waterfalls.html

I am lucky to have clients that let me build their ultimate backyard dreams that feel more like a natural tropical paradise, than simply a swimming pool. This project was complex and full of surprises, but when it all came together, it is really breath taking, and a design that is beautiful from every angle. If you have any questions for me about the design, please feel free to e-mail me, I love to share ideas and concepts with fellow pool builders, http://www.exteriordesigningbylucas.com/EXTERIOR-DESIGN/email-exterior-designer-lucas-congdon.html

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  • Lucas, very impressive.  Was that all of your design or did the customer have any input?  Either way, one of the most beautiful pools I've ever seen.
  • Thanks so much Mark for you kind comments. We definitely try to do our best, not only with our designs and execution but also with our desire to share what we do with others. If you or anyone else has specific questions as to how we do something we would be happy to answer.

    I might add that we have a full time SEO person who also does all the video and a lot of the photography as well as the twitter and facebook etc.and it really is a full time job. The camera used for most of the pictures is a Canon 20D.

  • The epitome of Pool Genius! From the trust of your customer, to the use of this site. You have exemplified todays pool building at its best, not only is the project stunning, but the on-line presentation sets the standard of what we as pool professionals should be doing. Facebook, Twitter, effective tag lines, high quality photos, video and the friendly spirit to share with the rest of us what can be acheived through imagination, technology and goodwill.BIG UPS on a job well done.   ( By the way, what type of camera was used for the pictures?)

  • Thank you, I appreciate your feedback.
  • Beautiful execution!
  • Thanks for the comment, I really enjoy building my designs.
  • I have total pool envy!! Incredible design...very impressive
  • Thank you so much, I forgot to post the main page for this particular project, http://www.lucaslagoons.com/POOL-LAGOONS/florida-swimming-pool-desi... It will show other angles also lit up.
  • Wow... Just Wow. Very nice sir!
  • Great looking pool, Lucas!
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