PoolDraw featured in July's AQUA magazine!

We didn't make the cover but check out the featured article about CAD design and PoolDraw in July's AQUA magazine .http://www.aquamagazine.com/default.aspxI'm reposting my previous blog entry where my one key point is that while there is no right product for every pool builder; that decision depends on what you are looking for in a pool design, drawing interface, integration compatibility, provider relationship and end product investment - each and every pool builder will ultimately derive some benefit from their use of design software. Visit the PoolDraw profile page to read comments made by PGN members."pool design software - a tool for every builder, salesperson and designer"Over the last fifteen years, the pool industry has grown to embrace computer technology.Prior to 1995, Auto-Cad was the only design tool available to pool-builders. The introduction of PoolDraw®, a Microsoft Visio add-in with a familiar Windows interface, provided every pool builder, salesperson and designer, with an easy to use technology tool to draw their pool designs, produce construction drawings and save time in their job management process. In 2002 Pool Studio entered the market with an amazing 3D sales tool and today there are many pool builders using a variety of pool design and technology options. However, there are many more who have yet to realize the advantages of pool design software. Now is a good time to get started!In our industry there are a wide range of pool markets, pool companies, salespeople and sales techniques.Some pool job sales require an in-house sales design and computer presentation; another sale might involvea preliminary discussion and then a second appointment with design ideas and job details. Some jobs call fora 3D presentation; for others a 2D sales layout is more appropriate. Whatever the sucessful sales approach,pool design technology should be part of the sale, contribute to the pricing and facilitate the pool job management.The use of design software allows the creation of multiple design options from an initial drawing. With a CAD interface,once the initial drawing has been created – rear home profile and backyard space – pool designs can be saved, modifiedand tweaked over and over again. Plot plans can be scanned or drawn. Construction drawings can be created from theinitial drawing with dimensional information provided for any required measurement. Dimensional information can be saved and exported to an Excel spreadsheet for pricing. A bill of materials can be generated from the drawing page. Specific tools can provide construction relevant information. Company template forms can be created to present job information, standardize permitting material and create job specific plans to be given to contractors. The pool builder, salesperson or designer is able to create their own library of re-usable resources.Using design software to work with your pool designs will help your sales, improve efficiency, save you time and add to your overall professionalism
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