United We Stand!

Dear Fellow Pool Geniuses, Today we hit another milestone, a HUGE one! We now have more than 2000 members in our community! The next milestone is 2500. But you may be thinking, "why should I care if the PGN grows or not"? Great question, and there are several answers why you should care, but here's one. For years our industry has been separated, fragmented, and unable to connect in any meaningful way. Remember the saying first quoted by Aesop and later made famous by Patrick Henry, "United we stand, divided we fall"? This great truth once spoken by a great patriot still stands today. We have been divided by many things, associations, brands, geography, time, culture, ethnicity, age, and more, but the divisions only served to weaken us and prevent our industry from achieving a greater position in the economy and in the world. Divisions serve a small few, and are created by controlling and restricting communication. Only when communication is open to all can we become truly "united". This is why a site like the PGN cannot be reproduced by an association, or a brand. The fact that there is a "label" on a site effectively prohibits any "competing label" from participating enthusiastically. Only by the removal of all "labels" can a site be truly free. The larger we become, the stronger our voice will be, and the larger the collective body of information and wisdom will become. As a group we are already breaking down barriers and providing free and rapid access to information as you need it. The fact that nearly all of the "associations" and "brands" have endorsed, participated in, and supported the PGN, is evidence that we are on the right track and have provided a place where it is safe for all to belong. That was the goal from the beginning and remains the goal today. Every member who joins makes the chain of communication stronger, and the reach one link further. Thank you for your passionate support! Onward toward 2500! The PGN Faculty
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