Has any pool builder or service company considered offering PV photovoltaic energy as another revenue stream?  This might be a new source of income in an expanding and growing industry that could benefit our industry and planet.
Please comment on your thoughts and experiences if you have added this product to your product line.

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  • Hello David, yes after my research for more information on this product I found the information out there is very confusing for consumers and a lot of speculation on the rebates. I think the price of this technology will continue to come down and hopefully the government incentive program will be more defined and guaranteed. The other problem I see by offering both is that it might take away from pool sales by giving client the alternative of family fun vs energy savings for $40,000.00 up.
  • The difficulty has always been the initial upfront cost that the client must come up with.

    We just bid a job this past week, and the PV system was about $45K. After rebates and credits it brought the price down to about $23K, but the cleint had to front $34K to install the system, and then the $11K was a tax CREDIT... If they don't owe $10K in federal taxes, then it takes them more than a year to recoup that money... and at the very least they have to wait until the NEXT tax year to get the money back. That's alot of money for most people!

    I love the idea, and hope that in the future pricing comes down to a point where it can be marketed to more clients.
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