hello all, i am going to bid a vinyl liner install in a area of north florida that is adjacent to river and huge aquifer underground. There is a well point system in place per owners advise and last liner install (recently) ground water was not a problem (dry hopper).
Anyone care to make a recommendation as to what type of pump to use on well point. I have used a gas driven  diaphragm trash pump on other jobs in the past but dont think this situation requires that. I have also seen standard self priming pool filter pumps used even in a coastal (high water table) pool installation. I am wondering if pool pump will keep prime and not damage seal Etc. appreciate any help you guys can afford. allenh/jonah

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  • Can an electric pump be set up so that it is on for 20 min. and off for 40 min.?? Or another mixture of on/off?

    • Thanks, Rob, for the response. Guess I could use a variable speed motor and program it. But dont want to spend that kinda money for a well point pump.

      • get an inground pump, put it on a 24 hour timer (similar to those used on above ground pools) the timer i mean, not the pump. perhaps a check valve on the discharge side.

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