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3423661673?profile=originalLate July/Early August, 2015, I will be taking delivery of a new Multi-Tork socket, Model MT-1005. The socket is a steel disk with welded steel pins of various length, positioning and diameter and a 3/8"-drive square socket hole. It fits and quickly removes four specific commercial pool floor deflectors: CMP, Hayward SP 1425, Sta-Rite and Aqua-Clear. Rather can cut away existing returns to grind down concrete and plaster around inlets to install new defectors--better, cheaper and faster to remove existing deflectors, thread an extension into the pipe ( go to: to see these ingenious devices), apply the new plaster and re-attach the still-usable, existing defector to the extension. For a short video of an earlier prototype of the MT-1005, go to my website:  and link to the video "MT-881 & MT-1005 Release" at the top of the home page. I will have 10 UNITS AVAILABLE at no charge and shipped free: 5 held for reputable, older Florida companies and 5 for reputable, older and busy companies outside Florida that handle a LOT of commercial pool resurfacing. First to respond, first on the list.   

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       I am Certified Commercial builder in Florida.

      If your tool is still available for trial, I would like to try one.

      I looks like a well designed money maker.

      Thank you, Mark

    • 3423785361?profile=originalMark,

      Are you perchance, related to Pat Mahoney of Mr. Marcite?? No matter. I did discuss this tool with him. If you will please send me a Florida shipping address, I will send you an MT-1005(Commercial Pool) Floor Inlet & Deflector socket for hopefully, some intense field-testing.  


      Tal Millican, President

      Pwlshrk, Inc./Multi-Tork Pool Tools

      Tampa FL 33647

      1.888.929.7818 Mobile: 813.833.3739


  • Great Idea, good luck with this. Email me Norman.

    • Norman,

      I attempted to contact you through my personal email, but my server could not "...successfully connect with the destination mail server...".  If you do a high volume of pool re-plastering and would like to beta-test this new wrench when I take delivery, please send your shipping address. My personal email:



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