Can anyone help?

Hello Geniuses,

I am trying to find a kind Genius who could get hold of a pentair fullfloxf backwash valve 263080

and send it to me in Great Britain, any one who can help please PM or email me.

Pentair won't supply direct or through Pentair Europe for some reason (once upon a time a sale was a sale) but in these difficult times I guess Pentair just don't need the money LoL!



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  • Green is not as hard as hard as you think. you just need to go outside our industry and make the contacts. think back to the EV1, GM thought it would be the future then, but like anthing that threatens an industry it was forced to the scrappers. now look electric and hybrids are all the talk and every company including Farrari has one. Who would have thought? What we need is more in this industry to put in the efoort and at some point the manufacturers will have no choice and fight each other like the car manufacturers are now.

    • I already do go outside our industry, as an engineer I designed a much better idea for using a multiport but it could be confusing to a customer and then Jandy bought out the hi flow neverlube backwash valve and Pentair did the same which made things a bit easier. I never imagined that a company with world wide presence would restrict pool parts that are really needed to save energy and customers money. 


      Why go through all the expense of variable speed pumps and distribute those throughout the world and not a backwash valve that is just as essential to lower the head loss?  Just daft Mr C.E.O. Just daft!

      The other issue in our industry is the BIG players, the large wholesaler who chooses for us what we can have. Products distributed by these giants often get pushed asside whilst they sell someone elses because they get a higher markup.  Result is products don't sell in the numbers expected so a good product may get stopped. 

  • I hear you John, It sucks that we have to be this way and as a side note, the retailers and service company's can not buy directly from pentair here in the states they must go through distribution. As you have read in other sections of this group, buying online at retail is many times less expensive than going through our own distributors expecially products that have not reached a mass appeal. our system is flawed. There is a fix out there for your problem as well as ours but that would require a concerted effort by all parties from all shores. I wish you well and hope the parts can get to you in the time needed.

    • So true Justin, sadly it leaves the door wide open for the Chinese who don't respect copyright or patents so they are becoming the dominant force in production.  As you guys use our feet and inches and Europe has gone metric I often have to find adapters or make specials on the lathe.  Today I went to a new local supplier and bought some fittings for pennies where I previously paid pounds and postage. Gave them a list of the bigger stuff I need and will save around 25% on my usual supplier.  Fortunately also a cool guy runs Waterco UK and has similar to the Jandy/Pentair 3 port valves in stock and in metric and imperial sizes so that's one thing I can get easily now.


      See this going green is such hard work it isn't allowed to be mainstream so where are we going with saving the world?


  • I think the problem is all the scams that are going around in the U.S. and I am sure all over the world. On a daily basis we all get propositioned by someone asking us to send them something and we will recieve a sum of money that equates to a larger amount then is needed and in turn are to send back the difference. After all is said and done the original amount sent is fraudulant and they are out the monies and product. It is rampant. All I can say is find a true ally in the states that you can work through for such things in the future.

    • Having registered my details with Rex and being known to a few I would have thought we could have done this. I guarantee I wouldn't be giving anyone a larger amount than required LoL unless it was to buy them a beer in thanks. Someone must have an account with Pentair?  PoolPlaza looks like it could be a go er. Just waiting to hear if an inlaw of my best friend can do this for me. I have a friend in Minesota, not far from Pentair's HQ but her husband has just suffered a heart attack so I don't feel I can ask right now.

      I have two installs to do in a couple of weeks so it's getting mission critical now, only been asking since January.

  • I found one at,,

    I realize these are retail but if you need it you need it.

    • Thanks Justin, the issue is they can't ship outside of the US and can't take a non US credit card (in this day and age)  Also contacted one by phone and they wanted to charge me double for the postage compared to the USPS rates on the USPS web site.

      Actually jason, I had more sucess with your last link, one I hadn't tried but issues with the web site prevented me completing the order. I have emailed them about the website problems.


      I just thought on a web site of Pool Pros I could have received more help?

  • No joy with anyone on the U.S. side helping me out then?

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